Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Kira

Yes I know I am a slacker and still haven't posted about Christmas, but give me a break. Who else do you know that has Christmas and both kids' birthday in the same week?

Kira's birthday was yesterday the 29th. She is TWO, I can't believe it. We had pizza and cake last night, she wanted nothing to do with the candles. I just wanted to take a moment and list the great things about Kira:

1. She is ALL girl, she LOVES getting new clothes. Loves makeup, lip stuff, getting her hair done, new shoes, jewelry, etc. It is so great having one now ha ha!
2. She is soo sassy, she has her own little attitude.
3. She LOVES Madonna ha ha, yes thats right. She always asks to listen to her too.
4. Kira can shake her booty like her momma!
5. I love how at bedtime she starts yelling "movie, movie" and runs on the couch. She doesn't really want to watch a movie, she just wants to snuggle on the couch and watch TV.
6. She eats pretty much anything you give her - even brocolli.
7. She is sooo loveable.
8. She is overall a pretty good talker but has some funny "slang" words. "battle" is water, "dance" is I want to listen to Madonna, "Busha" is Bryson.
9. Kira loves to read and be read to.
10. Kira adores her big brother, she follows him everywhere around the house.


The Sutherland's said...

yeah for being 2! happy happy birthday to kira!

HOLLY said...

Wow, Chandra...I didn't know you had so much going on all in one week. What a busy time of year for you. You are a great Mom!