Thursday, October 30, 2008

An example of a childs "worries"

So, the other day after I pick up the kids from Julie's (daycare), Bryson and I have the following conversation:

"Mom, I am kind of worried about something."
"What's that bud?"
"I think someone is in LOVE with me."
"Taylor at school, she told me she needs to have alone play time."
"Uh, what does that mean?"
"She said that I need to play alone with her at recess because I always play with Nathan"
"Is that the girl that taught you the new way to color?"

Friday, October 24, 2008

Little Kira is starting to understand the whole "potty" thing. Here are a few pictures of her going to the bathroom with a really bad diaper rash ..... Some say sad ... I say funny!

I love this picture ha ha!!


Me wakeboarding!

Bee's Game

Here are a few random pictures for those of you who haven't seen them in awhile!

The other night Kira was so funny when I was giving her a bath, she loves it you mention the word bath, bed, or eat and she runs, bobbing around screaming "YAY!!"

I have finally decided to join you all in the "blogging" world. Stay tuned for more of the stories of our CLAN.