Tuesday, December 30, 2008


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Happy Birthday Kira

Yes I know I am a slacker and still haven't posted about Christmas, but give me a break. Who else do you know that has Christmas and both kids' birthday in the same week?

Kira's birthday was yesterday the 29th. She is TWO, I can't believe it. We had pizza and cake last night, she wanted nothing to do with the candles. I just wanted to take a moment and list the great things about Kira:

1. She is ALL girl, she LOVES getting new clothes. Loves makeup, lip stuff, getting her hair done, new shoes, jewelry, etc. It is so great having one now ha ha!
2. She is soo sassy, she has her own little attitude.
3. She LOVES Madonna ha ha, yes thats right. She always asks to listen to her too.
4. Kira can shake her booty like her momma!
5. I love how at bedtime she starts yelling "movie, movie" and runs on the couch. She doesn't really want to watch a movie, she just wants to snuggle on the couch and watch TV.
6. She eats pretty much anything you give her - even brocolli.
7. She is sooo loveable.
8. She is overall a pretty good talker but has some funny "slang" words. "battle" is water, "dance" is I want to listen to Madonna, "Busha" is Bryson.
9. Kira loves to read and be read to.
10. Kira adores her big brother, she follows him everywhere around the house.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Bryson!

I will post about Christmas later, when I have time to download all the pictures. But ...tomorrow is Bryson's 7th birthday. I can't believe it. It's funny we all say that our children are blessings, but he really is mine. If I wouldn't have had him when I did I would probably be a different person. Here are a list of amazing things about my little guy:

1. He has such a tender heart.
2. Bryson is a wonderful big brother, he is always teaching Kira. Some are really naughty things, ha ha, but overall he trys to "make her as smart as him" as he puts it.
3. He is constantly trying to take care of me. His soul is so caring and giving.
4. He LOVES science, he is constantly making experiments. He has such a curious mind.
5. Bryson is soo smart. He knows facts about animals, reptiles, dinosaurs, organs in the body, etc. and probably more than the rest of us put together.
6. He loves "movie nights". His favorites are Planet Earth or any scary movie. ha ha ( I know, what kind of mother am I?)
7. His favorite TV show is Family Guy. (I know lay off .. you can blame his father for that one).
8. His favorite food is Pizza and cereal; that kid could eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
9. Bryson collects fossils or skeletons of different items and he takes such good care of them, probably the only thing he owns that is completely organized and has its very own spot.
10. Bryson loves books. His favorites are his Dinosaur Encylopedia, bird sound player, Reptile Facts, and Science Experiments for everday of the year.

I love you Bryson, you're such a wonderful son and brother. I hope you have a great day. Thank you for the things you have and continue to teach me. Your the best thing in my life. Happy Birthday Buddy!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Cookies

On Saturday we cut, baked and decorated Christmas cookies. Kira had more fun with the "cutting part" , we had a little flour fight. She laughed so hard, wierd noises came from her body! (No I am only talking about wierd snorts and funny gasping noises) Bryson enjoyed the decorating part more. It was really fun, and the cookies turned out really good, so good in fact they are already gone! (No, I do not have a problem ha ha)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jr. Jazz

On Saturday Bryson had his first Jr. Jazz game. It was so fun watching the little tikes trying to dribble, pass and shoot! Bryson did really good, this was about the only sport that it didn't take him half the season to get warmed up! I think it helped a lot that his dad is his coach. He did get confused on offense and defense. But overall it was a great game!! Good job Bryson.